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Dedicated to fostering mutual growth and success. Through our strategic collaborations and unwavering commitment, we harness our expertise to developing your strategy, exploring opportunities, and creating a lasting value

Who We Are

Our Story

Backed by over 40 years of cumulative experience across diverse industries, we are a team of seasoned professional consultants dedicated to delivering unparalleled expertise. Our extensive knowledge and proven track record empower us to offer strategic insights and innovative solutions that drive your business forward. With a wealth of insights gained from a multitude of sectors, we are your trusted partners for transformative success.


At That Valu, we are dedicated to guiding businesses towards greater success through a range of specialized consulting services. Our seasoned experts collaborate closely with you to strategize, develop, and execute initiatives that drive growth, innovation, and profitability.

Strategy Development

Our expert strategists work closely with your team to craft comprehensive, forward-thinking strategies tailored to your industry and objectives. We analyze market dynamics, identify growth avenues, and create actionable roadmaps that empower your business to thrive in a dynamic landscape.


Business Development

Unlock your business's potential with our specialized business development services. We leverage our industry insights and extensive network to forge valuable partnerships, secure relevant funding opportunities, and optimize revenue streams, propelling your company towards sustained growth and expansion.

Feasibility Studies

Our meticulous feasibility studies provide you with crucial insights into the viability of your projects and ventures. By assessing market demand, financial projections, and risk factors, we equip you with informed decision-making tools, ensuring that your initiatives are grounded in a thorough understanding of their potential outcomes. 


Riyadh Saudi Arabia

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